Working tools

It is a fine balance between the number of tools I use and the value I gain from them.

Too few tools and I find that it’s harder to do what should be an easy job. While too many tools mean switching between apps and introducing too much complexity.

I am a massive fan of keeping things simple. Simplifying my tools simplifies my life and eases my decision fatigue.

Over the years, I have tried many (many!) apps and tools. Even today, I’m always trying alternative apps and methods in an effort to try simplify my life more.

This list contains tools that have stuck with me, or currently make my life simple in a major way.

Desktop tools

Here are some of my staple applications on my desktop.

  • Primary desktop: Lenovo X1 Carbon Gen 6 MacBook Pro 15″ 2017 model (I just couldn’t get used to Apple’s Window Management)
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Brave browser: For everything Internet.
  • ProtonVPN: For use with public wifi spots.
  • Sublime Text: For all my text-file based work.
  • Visual Studio Code: For developing.

Web tools

Platform independent apps and services I have come to love and rely on.

  • Google G-Suite: For interlinking mail, docs, drive space, photos, and backups for my family.
  • Slack: Team collaboration (including for my family life).
  • LastPass: For password management.
  • Grammarly: Gotta spell and write right, right?
  • IFTTT: for automation workflow goodness.
  • DuckDuckGo: Just because it’s not Google search. Google probably still knows everything about me anyway.
  • PocketSmith: As my budgeting tool.
  • WordPress: for this website and others.

Random lifestyle tools

  • iPhone 8 RED iPhone SE (I’d love an iPhone 8 RED)
  • Mazda Premacy (An excellent family vehicle)
  • TomTom watch for measuring my workouts and running.

Updated 3 Jan 2020.