Using McLuhan as the new theme

If you have ever tried to design something, or at least pick a design, you will understand the lengths one might go to in order to find the one that is just right.

It can take hours of trudging through mediocrity, trying out this one, but finding there is something that is not right, while that one requires far too much customisation. Hours of your life consumed just to find the perfect design.

For the new design, I wanted;

  • The post to be the first thing readers would see
  • As little distraction as possible with minimal graphics
  • Easy, intuitive navigation
  • Easy customisation if I needed to tweak anything

Although it sounds simple enough, it is a lot harder than one might think.

Finally, after an age of searching and testing, I settled on McLuhan by Anders Norén. Simple, clean, customisable.

New home page
An article with a cover image
A category page

I’m pretty happy with the outcome and hopefully it’s made it easier to read and navigate from your side.

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