Do this one thing to achieve your dreams

You have big dreams. Me too! We all do. We wish and dream of money, friends, success, whatever it might be.There is one thing that stops us – inertia.

Many people and experts talk about fear stopping us in our tracks (which it does), but for our dreams to come true, it is the ability to take action to overcome that fear.

Fear can be a powerful demotivating factor. A massive roadblock in our way, seemingly impossible to get around. So we sit and wait.

I don’t know what we wait for – maybe for a unicorn to fly by and deliver us a solution with fairies, magic, and a happily ever after. But that’s wishful thinking. You know it, I know it.

And so we continue to sit.

But what if…

What if we begin to chip away at the fear. Just a little at a time. Just enough so that it doesn’t overwhelm us or cause the fear to come back and bite us (yes, that does happen).

How, you might ask?

By taking action.

We make a conscious decision every day to chip away at our overpowering fear. Every day we take action to make just a little more progress than the day before.

And a little while down the line, when we’ve been chipping away consistently, we turn, look back and find how far we’ve come. We overcame that first fear without even noticing and realised it wasn’t as big as we first thought it was.

Looking forward, we see another mountain of fear. Our hearts sink, we feel like giving up and waiting for our unicorn to come and save us again. But then we remember how we overcame our first fear.

And so, we pick ourselves up and begin chipping away.

What are you thinking about or sitting on? Why haven’t you taken action yet? Could it be your fear stopping you? It might be time to stop thinking and scheming and planning.

You know what you want to do, just do it! It could be anything – starting a blog, learning to play the saxophone, writing a book about unicorns – anything you want.

And it starts today with you taking action.

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