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When I started Terence & Co., I needed a product that would bring together many aspects of my business in order for me to run productively. A service where I could keep files in sync across multiple devices (particularly for my writing). A tool where my email could come in from multiple domains (and where I could set up my own aliases). And finally, a platform where the future team at Terence & Co. could collaborate easily, efficiently, and effectively. Google Apps For Work did it for me, as well as so much more.

I’ve been a long time Gmail user, and had used Google Drive and Docs sparingly. I loved the simplicity of the products and used some of the sharing features previously. So when I performed a little research into cloud storage, Google Apps For Work popped up with an inviting price of only $5 USD per user, per month.

Now, I’m a scrooge when it comes to paying for a subscription based product anywhere in my life. I have a gripe about paying a monthly fee and potentially not seeing any return on my money. It’s one of the main reasons I haven’t signed up to popular services such as Netflix, Spotify, or even a mobile phone contract. Luckily Google offers a one month free trial, so I took the plunge and signed up.

I haven’t looked back since.

I now work wherever I please. My files are all synced. I can chat, email, browse, share, and collaborate with anyone I invite. Actually, Google Apps for Work allows you to have multiple companies within your account. That suited me even better! My wife has her own business, and we’ve incorporated that into this subscription too.

I am no longer limited to one machine to work on. No matter the Operating System or machine, as long as I have a browser to work with, I’m all good to go. I can access and manage my mails and files. This has exponentially freed me up from having to be in one place in order to work.

If I need to update a file and send it to a client while I’m visiting their offices – no problem.

If I need to save a document for later viewing while I’m on my desktop, I simply save it to my Google Drive and open it later on my laptop – time delayed.

Trust me, this cuts out so much wasted time, it’s quite stupendous.

The configuration was simple as

Most people view system administration as a black hole (it’s really not). Google have really made it simple to switch to them from whatever your current setup might be. It took a few minutes to sign up, create my first user, and sign in.

The Admin dashboard behind Google Apps For Work has really allowed me more control over my Google Drive, Google Profile, as well as integrating other applications such as Waveapps or StackEdit.

If you’re using the free Google suite for your business, I strongly recommend you pay the minimal fee and upgrade to Google Apps for Work. Other benefits include 30GB storage, super-secure protection of your files, and integration with all the other glorious Google products.

If you want to find out more about Google Apps for Work, click here to get in touch.
(and if you’re in New Zealand you could also get $10 off per user per year by chatting with me).

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