Self Advice: Practice what you preach

I have a confession to make. I tell many people what they ‘should’ do with their websites, their social media, and – sometimes – with their lives. And I’m guilty of being a hypocrite. Because I don’t follow through with my own advice.

I heard a saying recently which goes something like;

We teach what we need to be taught the most

I completely relate to it. I recommend to my clients that they should send out regular newsletters, yet I haven’t sent to my subscribers for over 2 months (or even posted a blog article). I make suggestions on their social media strategies, yet I don’t post on any of my own social media accounts. Even worse, I suggest to friends and family on how they could improve their lives without truly understanding their circumstances.

It’s brash. It’s selfish. It’s hypocritical.

It might seem hard to admit, but I bet you do this too. We all do.

Even though we have the best intentions, our words might seem hollow. Untried and untested by ourselves, we expect others to follow what we say. How bad is that?

Well, let’s change it.

The next time you recommend a new habit or product to someone, stop and think about yourself. Have you done that before? Would you do it again? How would you feel if someone else told you the same thing?

Let’s stop talking and start doing.

Let’s practice what we preach.

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