Musings on the Daily Commute

What are your fellow commuters feeling? What are they aspiring to? Why do they fill their time doing the same thing everyday? It’s something that I’ve wondered about for a while now. I travel on a 50 minute train ride into, and out of, the city I work in. While watching the commuters around me, I can see the disinterest, the irritation, and tiredness. I can feel the loathing of work, as well as the relief when heading home. Which begs the question – why are they doing what they are doing?

I believe the activities performed on the train displays how people might go about life. The simple activities they do to take up the time – read schlonky romance books, sleep, watch movies, or play Bubble Pop. Menial tasks to fill the time.

No learning. No creating. No inspiration.

I must admit, I used to do that, but I have since discovered the beauty of utilising this time to learn, be inspired, and create. Things like TED Talks videos, various articles of interest ranging from inspirational to popular science, and classic novels have really helped feel like the time has been well spent.

Sure, I read other books, and watch movies. You don’t have to be mindful all the time. What I’m wondering is why do the same menial activity on the commute every day?

Sometimes, I feel like saying to the person that has played the same card game all week, “Dude, have you heard of TED Talks? It’s awesome”.

What also intrigues me daily is what are the stories behind these people? Where have they come from? Where do they want to go? Why do they do what they do?

Everyone has a story to tell, and this post is an extract from mine.

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