My manifesto

This manifesto has been written to remind me of why I continue to write on this blog. I tend to go off on a tangent quite often and it is my ‘reminder system’ of what I am trying to achieve in my life.

In a way, this manifesto is also my promise to you with regards to what you can get from reading this humble blog.

Ultimately, I want to keep this blog simple. No frills. No wild claims. Just easy reading – written from the heart.

I’m hopeful of a brighter future for you and I, and this blog is my way of making a difference towards that future. A way to solidify my beliefs, challenge your way of thinking, and possibly even plant a seed that will benefit you in some way.

These articles will be written from the heart – no BS like ‘3 reasons to…’ or ‘Why you need …’ or some other random shit in which I’ve fallen trap to previously.

The frequency of my posts might not be regular – this is one of the things that threw me off many times before. Consistency is key is some respects, but I find it sometimes affects the quality of my articles.

My views will change. Often. As I continue to grow, so too will my view on certain topics. We cannot be expected to stay the same throughout our lives. Otherwise, we would stagnate – and that is as good as a slow death.

Thank you for reading this far. I am truly grateful. I hope I can help you in some way today.

Warm Regards,