Look at me the hypocrite

As humans we love giving advice. Helping our spouse, friends, colleagues, even strangers. We offer guidance on things from optimising daily tasks to how to live life. But do we ever look at ourselves and follow our own advice? Most of the time, probably not.

The spotlight was turned on me the other day. And it stung. I am quick to point out hypocrisy (aren’t we all?), yet here I was being a hypocrite myself. I was not a happy camper.

It forced me to look inward and reassess what I have been telling others. Wondering where else in my life I was stamping my hypocrite-ism.

Don’t fall into the same trap as me. Ask yourself this question before telling someone else what they should do…

“Am I doing this? (Would I do this?)

While you ponder that, let me go sort myself out before I go offering any more advice.

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