Key People Inspiring Me Right Now

We all need inspiration. We crave it. We create it. We follow it.

Right now, these talented, smart, great people are inspiring me in ways that open my eyes, challenge me to the brink of my ability, and everything in between. This group doesn’t contain those famous people that everyone wishes they could be. People that have achieved their success already such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, or Tom Hanks. These celebrities have worked hard, and continue to do so.

I’m talking about ‘real’ people. Approachable people, that haven’t quite become disconnected with the everyday struggle of working to get by, while trying to pay off their mortgage and groceries.

These people that inspire me daily come from a range of backgrounds, and vary between my personal and online connections.

Be inspired by

Justin Wise


Justin Wise is the epitome of what I want to achieve. Doing what he loves. Focusing on family. Making an impact on people’s lives daily. What really strikes a chord with me is how open Justin is in his communication.

Justin is showing me that I can achieve my professional goals while being personal, honest, and showing you’re still human.

Brandon Robbins


Brandon is running full steam ahead toward his goals. Pushing out his thoughts for everyone to consume. Constantly creating. Building his story.

I’m inspired by Brandon’s fearlessness in throwing out ideas and sharing work he’s created to the world.

Winnie Lim


Winnie’s openness and honesty about herself is admirable. The way she is telling her story is a great novel about self-discovery and freedom.

Winnie has shown me how a person can become free.

Blaize Kaye


Blaize is a personal friend of mine. He programs, lectures, studies philosophy, and writes. Extremely smart, and still wants to learn everything.

Blaize inspires me to continue to learn as much as possible.

My manager, Santana

One of my mentors, and a person I’ve strived to emulate in many ways at work, Santana continues to ask the questions that matter. Questions that force me to challenge myself, and to look at situations from a different perspective.

Santana inspires me to be a better leader.

Special mention – My wife, Lisa

By far the smartest person I know. Lisa’s attention to detail is scary. She continues to give more to our family than to herself. She has kept me grounded all these years, and helped me to become the confident man I am today.

Lisa inspires me to be a better father and husband – a better man.

Of course, I am inspired by others daily, but the people I’ve listed here are the ones making the most impact in my life right now.

I am deeply grateful for having the opportunity to have learnt from them.

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