Why You Will Never Be Good Enough

No matter how hard you try, how hard you work, or how much you love. It will never be enough. There will always be something to work towards, somebody who isn’t loving you back, someone’s expectations you have not met. Something that is just not good enough.

Humans have lived through the ages continually striving for perfection. Repeatedly trying to be the best, beat the odds, and overcome obstacles. Even today we have yet to reach perfection in anything. There is no perfect energy solution, no perfect car, no perfect human.

Perfection is also unachievable when it comes to respect, love, and appreciation of other people. Whether it be your partner, business associate, or friend – there will always be something about you that just isn’t good enough. Think about yourself and how you look with disdain (albeit only slight) at others. The tea they made for you was too weak, they are never on time, or they drive too slow.

For all Man’s efforts, there is still room for improvement.

And that’s why you and I will never be good enough.

However, this is where we want to be. Although we might not be good enough now, we continue to strive for that perfection. We continue to learn, adapt, improve. Just as our predecessors did before us. It is infused in our DNA. We may not get there in our lifetime, but any progress made by us will bring that perfection one step closer for the next generation.

The way I have found to approach all of this is to simply care about what is being done. Being grateful for the effort put into performing a task for you. Celebrating that you put in effort to actually create a book, and it is not that bad. Celebrating the win of improving energy efficiency.

Anything really.

As long as there is a celebration of something that has been improved towards perfection, rather than the forlorn of what was not achieved.

Don’t be concerned about something being absolutely perfect. Don’t fret over the small things to make it just right, it will never be that. If that something is near-perfect, let it be and move onto your next wonderful creation.

We learn from the experience of not attaining perfection, grow from it, and move on. Next time it will be better, more improved, and more perfect.

To be honest, who cares if something is not completely perfect. People who criticise you or your work should take a hard look at themselves (and so should you). Before pointing out the discrepancies with other people and things, think to yourself “are you in a position to comment?”. How much effort did this person put into their project. How would you feel if you were in that position?

People need criticism, by all means, but it should be constructive. I put myself in the other person’s shoes. I ask them questions so I can better understand how they were thinking when performing their project. Only then, will I offer some suggestions for further improvement.

The key, I believe, is to suggest improvement rather than crunch down the criticism. Encouraging for improvement will lead the way to perfection, rather than be restricted by harsh criticism.

What are you busy perfecting today? I am very interested to find out your story.

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