Getting past the blank canvas

Picture this scenario; you’re feeling creative, like really creative. You just want to make something out of nothing. No boundaries exist with what you’ll cook up!

You get out your tools and are poised ready for magic to happen.

But it doesn’t.

The pen is ready, the empty canvas is just waiting to be transformed. But nothing happens. You’re eager, but have no idea where to start.

This article started out in the same way. I was rearing to go, amped with the possibility of imagination. Alas, I sat there thinking and thinking.

This is a common situation for any of us. We want to create something amazing. We expect divine intervention to smack us and work through us. Yet, it doesn’t work like that. There is some effort we need to put in.

We just need to start.

After some more thinking, I did just that. I started writing. It appears something came out the other end. 🙌🏻

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