Get out there, get creative

I haven’t written anything in a while – about 6 months in fact – and I’m itching to get something out.

Over the last half a year I’ve taken in a lot of information. Books, movies, graphic novels, documentaries, conversations, study material, you name it. All that in-flow of information has been great, but what is one supposed to do with it?

Information is pretty useless just sitting in our heads, don’t you think?

Humans are intuitively creative. It’s the reason we’ve progressed so quickly as a species. Our incessant curiosity and creativity guided us to improvise with tools, build new ones, invent the wheel, and so on and so forth.

We’ve expressed ourselves with art and writing since the dawn of our time. It’s in our DNA to create.

And so we come to the crux, retaining information that will be used for nothing. (Well, you might retain information. My retention of information is questionable.)

Gathering and holding onto information is ok. You could have great general knowledge, complete crossword puzzles, and possibly be the key player in quiz night.

But even the greatest minds throughout history have had an outlet for all their research. Plato, Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Einstein – they didnt just perform a whole bunch of research and sit on it. Ohnono – They created and produced. A lot. Our society would not be where it is if they and others like them hadn’t have created their research papers or manuscripts or theories.

I’m not saying you and I will be the next great mind (hey, you never know!). What I am saying is that we are made to create. We’re made to build on others successes, innovate, and put our own spin on the world. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. But we won’t know until we try, right?

Get out there and create something. Write a blog post, submit your dissertation, create a script, sew a bag. Pull on your influences, combine them, mould them to create your own flair on your project.

Don’t worry if it’s been done before. Who cares? It hasn’t been done by you!

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