How To Turn Your Life Into A Garden And Nurture It

Garden work must be the pit of hell. That and ironing. I really dislike gardening. No, I loathe gardening. And it just never stops. Pulling out weeds, trimming bushes, mowing the lawn. It’s like having my fingernails pulled out. I work my ass off repeatedly, only for it to disappear after a few weeks under the next wave of undergrowth.

Garden work tends to be put off for as long as possible, until such time that it is absolutely necessary to do it. Normally, that results in a long, tiresome day of dirt, cuts, and insect bites.

But at the end of the day, the garden (or at least a patch of it) looks amazing. I feel a genuine sense of achievement knowing that it was I who accomplished it.

And living our life is extremely similar.

Imagine your life as a garden. There are trees, grass, flowers, anything you want. This takes maintenance. In life, as in our garden, we are continually met with weeds and grass that we have to remove and trim. We have beautiful plants that we care and cultivate for. Eventually guiding them to blossom with great pride.

The constant pruning and cultivating of the entire spectrum of fauna and flora is a reminder of what we constantly need to do in our own lives. The continual effort to remember to be healthy, to build strong relationships, and to keep our lives in order.

The way I attack my garden is definitely not the way to go about it in life. One fell swoop every now and again will simply overwhelm you and the people in your life. Sometimes a big clean-up of our life garden is required, but it won’t help any situation or person to do this often. It creates stress for you, as well as confusion for the people in your life.

Performing small tasks consistently will take a load of pressure off further down the line. Instead of tackling an entire wall of weeds today, why not decide to only do a metre, and another next week, and so on.

As in life, you won’t be able to overcome a massive mountain of bad habits, bad influences, or repair relationships instantaneously. Take it one step at a time. You can’t change it all right now, but you can change one thing right now. That can be anything from choosing not to eat that chocolate bar, to picking up the phone to repair a broken relationship. Slowly, but surely, you will change one aspect at a time.

After working on your life garden for a while, you will notice the difference. When you look back at how your life garden maintenance has progressed, something amazing happens. You remember where you started, how shabby your garden looked. You can see your current progress, and how it is starting to take shape. And you see how your life garden could look.

You start to realise that things can change. They can get better. And they are achievable.

My life (and real) garden certainly isn’t perfect. There is a lot of maintenance and cleaning I have yet to perform. But, today I managed to make one corner of my garden look amazing. And it feels good.

Tomorrow, I will tackle another section, and that will look fantastic too. Yes, I know I will have to come back to the corner I finished today, but that is what life is.

There is no quick fix solution to anything in life. It takes grit, dedication, and many many boring hours of labour.

In the end, your life garden will reflect the amount of work you have put into it. The blood, sweat, and tears will pay off in the end.

How is your garden looking today? Any plans for tomorrow? I am interested in your response.

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