Everything Happens For A Reason

Isn’t it amazing how, sometimes, there is a bit too much coincidence in our lives? How one day, something happens that changes our lives forever. That one moment that offered an opportunity to something else, something better.

Many times in my life, my wife and I have been weirded out (for want of a better phrase) by how freaky some of our major life moments have just ‘fallen into place’. How things worked out over here for certain situations to move forward over there.

It is quite humbling to realise that there might be something else at play, controlling your destiny, guiding you to the point where you are meant to be right now. For example, when we decided to emigrate to New Zealand in 2008, we hit one road block after another. The house wouldn’t sell, certain documentation was a hassle, and no prospective job opportunities were presenting themselves. We decided to leave it for the time being. And what a good decision that turned out to be – the global market crashed the very next year.

Fast forward to 2010, the subject of emigration returned. This time the whole process was different due to the fact that I had been given a job offer. A golden ticket! We hadn’t made any plans for New Zealand (we were actually looking to Australia), but now we had to get everything done in only six weeks!

This is where that uncanny coincidence kicked in. Our house sold almost immediately. All official documentation was sorted with ease. Our cars sold within days of each other. And shipping of household goods was quoted for, packed and ready to go. When I arrived in New Zealand, one thing after another continued to fall into place when we were setting everything up. The rental, the car, the transfer of money.

I believe that there is an end goal for each and every one of us. A destiny made out for you and I. A path already laid out for us to travel upon. No matter what we say to ourselves or the people around us, we are travelling that path. We might deviate from it every now and then. We think we can forge our own paths, but all that happens is our perceived new path is only the long way round to the path already made for us.

I believe that if we listen to the signs presented to us, our lives become a lot easier in the goals we wish to attain. Forcing something that just doesn’t fit right now only brings strife, struggle, and frustration.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how well we listen to our inner voice. The little voice that whispers in our ear and guides us through those major decisions. The tiny voice that seems to have an intimate connection with the ultimate force that already knows your path and your destination.

No matter how much you fight it, everything happens for a reason.

[Featured image: Paul Jarvis]


Candy Sparks March 13, 2014 Reply

I have learned to believe that things happen for a reason. It isn’t forseen but will be revealed later. I love that little surprise.

Terence Brown March 13, 2014 Reply

That’s very true. I didn’t touch on it here, but finding out later why something happened now is definitely an eye opener. The frustrating part is waiting for that reason to show itself.

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