Dear Santa, I’ve been a good boy this year

Dear Santa

I hope you and Mrs. Santa are keeping well? Are those handy elves working hard for you and the rest of the world? I’m sure they are – they have such a fantastic work ethic and demeanor.

I’ve noticed the stores in my area have started putting up their Christmas decorations, as well as the first items of the season popping up on the shelves. I just can’t believe it’s that time of year again! Where did it go? I hope your year felt longer than mine. Although, do you prefer for the year to feel shorter so that you can spread happiness sooner?

Anyways, with all the Christmas stuff going up, it got me recollecting the year so far to judge whether I deserve a gift from you under the tree.

Let me see…I’ve tried to be respectful; loved my wife and boys; learned lots of new things; performed no crimes; paid my bills; as well as survived multiple earthquakes and major storms with no complaints.

But you already knew all of this.

For Christmas, I would like world peace, governments to stop spying, no more mindless murders, no more crime – Wait, who are we kidding? This isn’t going to happen in my lifetime. And probably not in yours either.

Instead, I would like a nice shiny object that will help with my first world problems.

Best of luck in keeping to your schedule to deliver everyone’s gifts on time!

Yours truly, Terence

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