Why your customers need your website

If there is one thing you need for your business, it’s a website. It may not be the beacon to bring in droves of business, but it is the best place on the web to showcase your values and tell your story. Here’s why you need one today.

Imagine this scenario for a moment; you want to buy something today, it can be anything at all. How often would you research that product online? Do you browse review sites or read the information on the product’s website?

Of course you do! Now bring it back to your potential customer, they could be reviewing you right now…

Your customers need your website as much as you need their business.

Build trust

Your customers want to easily read about your products, your services, and you. Your website and other online personas are a way to build their trust in you before you’ve even met.

It’s your opportunity to show them how awesome your business is and why they should make the effort to send you an email or pick up the phone.

It all sounds wishy-washy, right? Again, think back to the last few products you bought online. Why did you take the time to buy those products? Could it have been because you trusted the product would do what it said? How did you come to that decision? (Seriously, I would love to know – feel free to leave your answer in the comments below)

In the same way your trust was built with the product you bought, you can build that trust with your customer. And it all starts with a simple website – your website.

Your website can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be, the important thing is that you appeal to your customer. It’s important you allow them to find all the information they need as quickly as possible.

Empowering your customer with options gives them the chance to make their decision. And if you’ve given them the right information at the right time, they will buy your product then and there.

Why not get started now?

Setting up a website is pretty easy and cheap. Essentially, it’s as simple as buying your own domain name, finding a home to host your website, and setting up a WordPress site.

Note: iwantmyname for your domain and GreenGeeks for your hosting are great options.

Next, you need the right words. These words are the ones your customer will read. The ones that will build their trust, and help them decide to choose you over your competitors.

The words you choose are critical. Choose wisely. (feel free to get in touch if you get stuck)

There, you now have a home for your brand.

There are certainly many other options for you to choose – too much in my opinion. I still get overwhelmed when looking into website options, products, services, and so much more. The main thing is to find someone who has some experience and can point you in the right direction.

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