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When I started this blog in 2013, I had no idea where it would take me. I just knew I wanted to get my message out there. Eventually it found its way to you and the idea began to grow and gather some momentum. By joining me on this journey, you have helped me find my true passion.

And I would love for you to continue to help me pass on this message. You can be a part of something new today. Something good that will help change your part of the world. Something great that will show you just how important you really are to yourself, and the people around you.

Since that first article last year, this blog with an unknown message has discovered its meaning. helpgrowchange.com has never truly been clear on the message I’ve been trying to pass on, but I now know what it is – that is to help people grow ideas that change their world.

A distinct message to show that you control how your day goes, or you are the one who makes your life. Not your boss, not your husband, not even your God.


The purpose of this blog needs a new name showing the meaning and message – helpgrowchange.com just doesn’t cut it. Over the next few weeks this blog will become

Help Grow Change

There are many meanings that can be derived from these three words. Some examples being;

  • Help grow change.
  • Help people grow ideas that change the world.
  • Help yourself, grow yourself, change yourself.
  • Help others grow themselves to change their life.

You can take whatever message you want from these words, but they will mean the same thing. This is one of the main reasons I love it.

But, this is not about me, it is about you and whether this message is right for you. This is where you can help in getting this message right. You’ve read my articles over the last few months. You’ve been on the receiving end of my work, and I am deeply appreciative of that.

I want you to be a part of this movement. I would love to hear from you on the following;

  • What would you like to hear more of?
  • Where do you think more energy needs to be focused?
  • Does my message and the way I write it ring true?

I am really excited about having a name for this movement. Help Grow Change feels right as the brand of the message we’re discovering as we grow. And you are key to that (if you reply to this message 😉 ).

Thank you for your contributions so far. Let’s see where we can go from here.

[Featured image: Tambako the Jaguar]

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