Blogging: Getting back to basics

I haven’t written a post in a long time. There is good reason for this…life got busy and to be honest, I just felt I didn’t have anything to give.

Again, I found myself getting distracted by what I thought I should be doing with regards to this blog, and not actually focusing on why I wanted to blog.

I was reading Winnie Lim‘s blog and was struck by how simple and authentic it is. She pours her heart out in such a way that you truly get a feel for her thoughts and feelings. There are no fancy colours, gimmicks, or anything else. Just Winnie and her writing.

And I thought, This is how I want my readers to feel. I am not the best at articulating my thoughts and feelings when talking face-to-face, and I’m quite forgetful. By logging certain areas of my life here and the way I feel about it, it is a way of helping me remember certain ideas or pieces of advice. Or it could help someone else. And if I have helped someone else, then my job is done.

Reading through some of my previous blog posts proved to be a wonderful reminder of good advice to myself. It showed that I might have something more to give. I also read my manifesto and rediscovered that it still aligned pretty well too.

The experience validated what I wanted to get out of my blog, why I want to write, and how I can go about it. Time to get blogging again! 🙂

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