3 Ways to register your domain name (and the pitfalls to look out for)

Are you about to register a domain name for your brand? It’s relatively simple and easy. But, you’ve done a search on how to do this and found there are so many websites offering just that – each one claiming to be the best, cheapest, most secure, etc. So which one do you choose? What do you look for when choosing a place to host your domain?

I cover 3 ways in which you can do this. I also show you what to look out for, so you don’t make the same mistakes I did – some of which I’m still fixing.

Here are 3 popular ways to register your own domain:

  1. Domain registrar
  2. Free through a webhost (GreenGeeks, Bluehost, Wix)
  3. Through your local web design/ hosting company.

Before we get onto how to register a domain, watch out for these mistakes!

Don’t make the mistakes I did

The first, and most important, is your privacy. When registering a domain name, you have to supply a lot of detail such as your name, email, phone number, and physical address. This is then made publicly available! See for yourself – go here and type trnc.co. See what comes up… (This was my first mistake, please don’t abuse my details).

When looking to register your domain, look for registrars who offer whois privacy. Many registrars charge an extra amount for this ‘feature’, but in my opinion it should be standard. Look for a registrar who offers this for free (like iwantmyname).

Secondly, have a look at what comes with the package (such as sub-domains, emails, etc.). I made this mistake too, as the registrar I was limited with the amount of sub-domains and email addresses to one. One?! Absolutely ludicrous.

There are ways and means around this, of course, but far too technical if you’re just looking for a simple solution.

Right, keep these in mind, and let’s move on to how to register your new domain name

1) Domain Registrars

Domain registrars are companies officially allowed to register and hold records for all the domains on the Internet. Their sole purpose is to ensure you can purchase and manage your domain names using their service.

The most popular ones I’m aware of are iwantmyname, GoDaddy and Name.com. I personally recommend iwantmyname as it includes the whois privacy I mentioned earlier.

2) Webhosting companies

Many, if not all, webhosting companies will offer a free domain for the first year if you take up their hosting services during that time. This is a great way to get hosting and a domain name, but can be limited to who the hosting companies register the domain with and what features you get with the domain.

I’ve been caught out with this before, as privacy is quite important to me, and my details are available for all to see…

3) Web support companies

The 3rd way in which you can have your domain registered is through your local web design/support company. If you are having your website designed professionally, more often than not they will offer to host and register your domain for you.

I’ve never used this option personally, but I wouldn’t do it. Simple as that. You don’t know who they’re using, how they’re registering your details, and whether they are even looking for the best price for you.

In summary

Don’t worry about what name you’re going to choose, you need to know who you’re going to register with and what features you want to include. I hope this article has been useful enough to help you avoid the pitfalls and point out what you do need to look for.

And, by the way, what domain are you looking for? I would be interested to know.

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