Meet Terence

Meet Terence

Life enthusiast. Father. Husband. Day dreamer.

Get out there, get creative

I haven’t written anything in a while – about 6 months in fact – and I’m itching to get something out. Over the last half a year I’ve taken in a lot of information. Books, movies, graphic novels, documentaries, conversations, study material, you name it. All that in-flow of information …

Gain vs Loss

Thus, one gains by losing, and loses by gaining. Lao Tzu When I first read this paradoxical quote from the Tao Te Ching, it didn’t make sense to me at all. As I thought about it more and more, I realised…we gain when we lose, and lose when we gain. …

Old version of this website

The original version of was big and bold to make an instant visual impact with website visitors. When I was actively searching for new business, this proved effective.

The effect we have

As I walked through some secondhand cigarette smoke on the way to a train station this morning, the cold air kept the smoke visible for ages after this person had exhaled. I watched as it drifted and floated. How it rolled and swerved as I moved through it. Normally, cigarette …

On changing our views

When making a statement, I think many people hold you to that statement for a long long time. Have you ever had the occasion where someone's held a gripe (or similar) with something you said 17 years ago? I have, and it sucks. Should we be held to the same …

Live for today, Death is around the corner

How much time do you think you have left in your life? How much time will we spend with our partner or our children? It won't be nearly as much as you think. It might feel like forever and 'tomorrow's another day'. But what if tomorrow isn't another day? Today …

The useless class has arrived

I read an article recently about how humans are becoming the useless class. Historian, Yuval Noah Harari, reckons we are not too far away from a future in which the technology we've created to assist us will put us out of work. This isn't a new concept, but the reality …

The answer to remembering passwords

Today, we have passwords for everything. Social media accounts, bank accounts, email, shops, fitness apps, games, the list goes on and on. How are we expected to remember all of them without using the same password more than once? Easy. With Lastpass. In Lastpass' own words they "Securely remember your …

That time I helped raise some cash for charity

What a gratifying experience it is to be deeply involved in a charity event. To be a part of something that is so much bigger than me and you. Have a seat while I reminisce a while. My only previous involvement with charity work was donations every now and again, …


Here’s a little blurb of who I am and where I come from. If you’re interested in contacting me further, feel free to connect through Twitter or email.


I began working straight out of school in 1999 as a desktop technician getting PC’s ready for the Y2K fallout (biggest con ever).

Since then, I’ve remained in I.T. performing a range of roles from System Administrator to IT Manager to Database Administrator including stints as Team leader and Service Delivery Manager.

Currently, I’m exploring the dark arts of the Middleware arena.

Aside from I.T. work, I write and share my thoughts with the world. Most of my writing is for this blog as well as a few paid-for pieces for individuals, companies, and websites around the world.


I am a family man. My wife and 2 sons mean everything to me. I work hard to provide them a few comforts and a stable home.

I love having my imagination ignited, and this is usually done through the books I read and movies I watch – both of which are often.

Being healthy is important to me. I strive to eat good food and maintain an active lifestyle (such as running, HIIT, and playground agility).


Quotes can capture the essence of any moment in time or future state we want to aspire to. Here are a few quotes that I remind myself of every day.

“Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Nothing changes if nothing changes.” – Proverb

“Which wolf will win? … The one you feed” – Finishing line of an Indian Proverb.


I try and acknowledge, as much as I can, the good things I have in my life. I actively and consciously express gratitude. I am thankful for my glass of water in the morning, my loving wife, my job, even my working limbs.

And I am grateful that you have taken the time to read this far.

Thank you.